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🚑 QR codes for emergencies at traffic junctions

The BBMP and City Traffic Police have collaborated with Manipal Hospitals to put up QR codes across the city at major traffic junctions for medical emergencies.

💓 73 schoolchildren found to have cardiac issues

A medical check-up revealed that at least 73 government schoolchildren suffer from heart ailments in Bengaluru.

⚕️ Automated External Defibrillators (AED) at three locations

The Restart Heart Foundation has installed AEDs at three locations in the city to help during emergencies.

🏆 Karnataka ranked for digitisation of patient records

The state secured second place in the country for having linked 1,68,254 health records following Andhra Pradesh in the first place.

⚕️ Preventing heart damage in breast cancer patients

Doctors at Apollo have developed a new radiation technique to prevent patients from life-threatening side effects.