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Arts & Culture

⚧️ Transgender Bharatanatyam dancers are living their dream

Sathya Sai Dance Academy's transgender students are fighting prejudice and gaining dignity and purpose.

🛕 11th Century temple discovered by digitised inscriptions

A conservation project that digitally maps stone inscriptions in the city has led to the discovery of the 11th-century Siddeshwara temple.

⛏️ Interesting findings in an excavation

Axes, scrapers, and choppers were among the things unearthed in an ASI excavation at Natham Medu near Chennai.

📚 A Chennai library’s VR experience

Instead of borrowing a book, you can experience it in a virtual reality (VR) installation.

📽️ Anime fans unite

The Bangalore Anime Club is organising events and meets at anime film screenings so anime fans can come together for a shared community experience.