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🚜 Bengaluru’s growth costs farmers

The Dr K Shivarama Karanth Layout (DKSKL) planned by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) will render 5,922 farming families landless.

🍷 21 remains the minimum age to buy booze

On January 9, the government released a draft notification that proposed to reduce the age of buying alcohol from 21 to 18. But the plan has been scrapped now.

🏙 City expands without a Master Plan

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), which sets rules for the city's future development, has not yet prepared the Revised Master Plan (RMP), despite the fact that the city has been expanding in all directions.

🏙️ New growth cluster

The CMDA will develop a new growth cluster at Madambakkam.

🧾 High taxes from south zone

Despite the south zone of Bengaluru being three times smaller in size compared to regions like Mahadevpura, in terms of property tax, the south zone has come closer.