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🧬 Omicron detection made possible

A Delhi-based startup has developed a test to detect Covid’s Omicron variant using breakthrough technology.

🖥️ Online tool for content creators

Here's the story of a startup's journey to creating tools to make simple videos.

📱 Indigenous mobile OS

An IIT Madras incubated company has developed an indigenous mobile operating system.

🌼 A win for Hoovu Fresh

Bengaluru-based start-up Hoovu Fresh which deals with arranging bouquets and puja-based flowers recently appeared on an episode on Shark Tank India. The show was a big success for the founders, who are sisters, as two judges agreed to split one crore equally in the startup for a 2% stake in the company.

🛰 Bengaluru startup launches satellite on SpaceX rocket

Bengaluru-based start-up Digantara used a SpaceX rocket to launch the Pushan Alpha satellite on January 3.