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Food & Drink

🍽️ Review: Whitefield Social

Vignesh (founder of The Local Brief) had lunch at the 'Whitefield Social' restaurant on Sunday with his wife. Here's his review.

🍽️ Review: Fox in the field

Here’s a review of the ‘Fox In The Field’ restaurant by Vignesh (founder of The Local Brief).

🧾 No more service charge?

The Department of Consumer Affairs restricted restaurants from levying service charges.

🍽️ The effects of no service charges

The Centre’s recent debate over levying a service charge has got restaurateurs spooked. Here’s what they think will happen once service charges are removed.

🍸 A possible lack of liquor

There might be a scarcity of drinks in Bangalore from 17 May to 19 May. Several bars and wine shop owners in the city have decided to not buy liquor from the KSBCL over its new e-indent purchasing system.