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🎧 HARMAN takes action against fakes

On Tuesday, HARMAN, a Samsung Electronics subsidiary, announced that it had taken aggressive legal action against people selling copies of their products.

🛩 Amazon Air to speed up cargo delivery

Launched by Amazon in collaboration with Quikjet Cargo Airlines, Amazon Air will focus on delivering products to locations like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai. Amazon Air will later expand in other cities as well.

🏬 CM inaugurates world’s largest coworking space

The largest coworking space in the world, with 8,000 seats exclusively for startups, has launched in Bengaluru thanks to BHIVE Workspace, a flexible and managed office provider.

⚕️ Dedalus expanding in Chennai

The healthcare and diagnostic software provider Dedalus will expand its Indian operations in Chennai.

📱 Tata-run iPhone plant in Bengaluru?

According to a senior official at the conglomerate's software services division, if Tata Group is successful in its attempt to acquire an iPhone assembly factory in southern India, it will help the nation's aspirations to become a centre for the production of electronic devices.