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Things to do

🐦 Birdwatching the new Pongal tradition

Residents of Korattur turn a hobby into a new Pongal tradition.

🎵 Echoes of Earth to be held in Bengaluru

The fifth edition of the only eco-friendly music festival in India is set to take place in the city on 3 and 4 December this year.

🎡 ‘Metaverse’ theme park soon

The Karnataka government has shared the blueprint of a Metaverse theme park set to be built near the Kempegowda statue (also called the Statue of Prosperity).

🧠 Working on yourself

The Good Talk helps people explore themselves through an experiential workshop.

🏞️ Increased visitor cap at Eco Park

More people can now visit the Adyar Eco Park as the cap has been increased for each session.