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Law & Order

🚓 Fingerprint scanners for patrolling

Bengaluru police can now identify persons with criminal records by scanning their fingerprints.

💲 Motorists to be fined for halting at an underpass

Bikers who take refuge from the rain under underpasses will be penalized, with a ₹500 fine imposed for first-time offenders.

⚠️ Police warn against harassment during festival

The Bengaluru police have instructed citizens to report any untoward behaviour during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

🐘 Ganesha idols made of PoP will face action

With the Ganesha festival around the corner, BBMP will be uncompromising about pollution and a team will check for banned items.

👮 Security cases slapped on roadside vendors

Four roadside vendors have been booked under security cases for encroaching on footpaths around the city.