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Science & Technology

🔭 Curiouscity: Fun with science

Founded in 2020 by marine biologist Dr Shonali Chinniah and her husband, Anil Chinniah, Curiouscity aspires to become the ultimate must-visit venue for students between classes 4 to 7.

👩‍💻 An AI workshop for students

An AI workshop will be held at IIT Madras during its Saarang 2023 fest.

🚀 UAE moon mission’s Chennai connection

The UAE's moon mission involves a startup with a Chennai connection.

💍 Tradition meets technology

Chennai Silks' jewellery brand is adopting technology for a better inventory and sales experience.

🌐 Entering the Metaverse

Chennai companies, developers, and artists are cashing in on the Metaverse.