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Mehak Luthra

🚌 Double-decker buses to make a comeback

The plan to reintroduce double-decker buses to Bengaluru roadways will soon become a reality after being in the works for more than ten years.

🛅 Hotels overbooked due to holiday season

This December, hotels all over the city are experiencing booming business thanks to an increase in domestic travel and destination weddings.

💰 RV University gets ₹2.5 crore grant

For a global environmental humanities project, RV University has received a grant of 3 million Norwegian Kroner or around ₹2.5 crores.

🛣️ Makeover of nine high-density corridors

An upgrade along the lines of TenderSURE or Smart City roads will shortly be made to Bengaluru's nine high-density corridors, which carry a significant portion of the city's traffic.

Double-decker buses soon?

Also in this edition: RV University gets ₹2.5 crore grant; Makeover of nine high-density corridors; Hotels overbooked due to holiday season