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State anthem to get a music video

Good morning, Chennai!

🌧️ Today’s weather:  Partly cloudy for the day with a small chance of rain.

🧐 Did you know? Marina beach is regarded as the second longest beach in the world. It spreads from the mouth of the Cooum river to the Lighthouse.

🚧 IIT-M inspects stormwater drain work sites

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M) asked the Corporation to follow its designs for the stormwater drain work.

Story so far: The drains on Ramasamy and Lakshmanasamy Salai were higher than the houses, putting them at risk during floods. In some stretches, the drains are being constructed in bits and pieces, and aren’t connected to each other. IIT-M has asked the Corporation to follow its tried and tested design.

  • The IIT-M design has the top slab on the road level instead of above it. The water inlets should be at road level.
  • This will enable the draining of the runoff. The gradients of the stormwater drain should be maintained so that collected water can flow through it without stagnation.

Keep a check: Experts say a live monitoring mechanism is needed to ensure the designs are being followed. IIT-M could conduct random checks for any flaws.

🎼 A music video to celebrate the state’s anthem

Madras University will release a music video to educate people on Tamil Nadu’s anthem.

What’s it about? The State anthem is sung at important events and occasions in the university and other educational institutions. The music video was made by the University’s Department of Arabic. It was shown to experts to get their feedback to remove any errors.

  • The lyrics of the song are represented through visuals to help people understand its meaning. It’s also subtitled in Tamil, Arabic, and English.
  • Once it’s released, the video will be uploaded to the university website. From there, anyone can download it.

Why’s it necessary? The university wants students and others to understand the meaning and significance of the lyrics. University vice-chancellor S Gowri said it’s important for youngsters to know about Tamil Nadu’s legacy.

🛣️ Corporation’s survey of street vendors

30,000 street vendors have been surveyed as part of the Corporation’s efforts.

Story so far: Every five years, the Chennai Corporation conducts a survey of street vendors. So far, 30,000 have been included, and a total of 70,000 is expected by the end. The last survey, done in 2017, identified only 27,195 vendors.

  • The town vending committees will ensure no one is left out. They’ll help demarcate vending zones to benefit the vendors and the public.
  • Some officials said town vending committees are waiting to get approved by the state government. Vendors want to reconstitute the committees that were dissolved due to a high court order.

Grievances: V Mageshvaran of the Tamil Nadu Street Vending Workers’ Federation said one zone marked on the NSC Bose road was unacceptable to the vendors. He said the spot is unhygienic.

🚑 A mobile app to track ambulances and reduce delays

The Gleneagles Global Health City hospital launched an app to track ambulances to give them a green corridor to avoid traffic delays.

What’s it about? The Gleneagles Global Health City hospital launched the “mSirenPilot” app to track the movement of ambulances. It’ll also help traffic police and the hospitals ensure the ambulance gets faster clearance in emergencies.

  • The emergency team can track and coordinate with the driver to ensure they’re on the fastest route. The hospital’s response team also gets support through the app.
  • The Smart Siren technology helps traffic police and motorists create a green corridor ahead of time to ensure quick passage of ambulances.

Potential lifesaver: Any time delays in treating critical patients can spell disaster. The first 60 minutes, known as the Golden Hour, is when a patient can be saved with the right treatment.

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🗞️ In other news…

  • An eye donation awareness rally was organised at Besant Nagar beach.
  • IIT-M is partnering with the Madras Dyslexia Association (MDA) for a remediation program for children with dyslexia.
  • The Hindu’s Car-Free Sunday was off to a good start at Besant Nagar.
  • With rapid urbanisation, rains won’t help solve the city’s water demand.
  • Tickets for the WTA Chennai Open are now available at

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