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Hospitality dips

Good morning, Chennai!

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🧐 Did you know? The Tamil Nadu State Archives Department in Egmore is home to the original order by the Governor General of India to declare Sunday a holiday. The order was given on 12 January 1847.

🏨 Hospitality business’ mixed outlook

The city’s hospitality sector has seen a dip compared to last year.

What’s it about? There are some concerns for the city’s hospitality sector as growth has declined compared to last year. While the food and beverage business is strong thanks to revenge tourism, the recovery isn’t as strong as in other metropolitan cities.

  • The good news is that the average room rate hasn’t dropped. The average is still in the ₹7,000-10,000 range. Occupancy rates on weekdays are fairly good and go up to 80%.
  • However, overall, there has been a 10-15% decline compared to 2022. Domestic tourism hasn’t yet peaked, but there has been an increase in cultural tourism.

What’s the comparison? Take Mumbai and Delhi, for example. The latter is the national capital and a hotspot for state visits. Mumbai, the financial capital, has large commercial spaces and more marquee hospitality brands.

♻️ To go green

The Theosophical Federation organised an event to help promote sustainable living.

What’s it about? The Madras Theosophical Federation and the Vasanta Youth Lodge organised the “Reconnect with Mother Nature” event to promote sustainable living among residents and kids.

  • The event, at the Theosophical Society, was attended by 35 kids and 60-70 residents of Adyar and Besant Nagar. The kids were given cloth bags to draw on and dried leaves to make greeting cards.
  • The venue also has 15 stalls selling eco-friendly products. This included the sale of compost from the Chennai Corporation’s micro composting centre.

What’s next? While this was the first event on sustainability, the Theosophical Federation plans to organise a green roadshow in a month.

🚍 Kilambakkam terminus gets private operator

The CMDA will appoint a private company to operate and maintain the upcoming bus terminus.

What’s it about? The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) will appoint a private player to operate and maintain the bus terminus. Officials hope this will result in quality service to passengers and maintenance on par with the rest of the country.

  • Officials are adopting the airport model where the terminus will be kept clean round the clock. The selected company will operate and clean the premises. Revenue from ads, shops, and parking will be utilised.
  • There are some concerns like higher parking fees since it’s a private company. The price of food in the eateries shouldn’t be expensive as well.

What’s the status? The interior of the terminus is ready with swanky tiles, elevators, and bus bays. Residents want the terminus opened as early as possible since the festival season beckons.

🗣️ A stage for ideas

At TEDx Napier Bridge Countdown 2023, speakers presented ideas on current issues like climate change.

What’s it about? Among the ideas posited on the TEDx stage were how to see climate change as a cultural issue and whether couture can be sustainable. Eight speakers from different fields shared their insights at the event, held at the Anna Centenary Library.

  • Fashion designer Ashwin Thiyagarajan realised the importance of fashion sustainability. He’s currently working on a collection that incorporates old crafts that are naturally sustainable. He advocated for recycling old clothes.
  • Environmental solid waste entrepreneur Ann Anra wants to solve urban waste disposal. The problem was big companies. She said the current Extended Producers’ Responsibility (EPR) framework isn’t enough.

Other speakers and ideas: Conservationist Shobha Menon of Nizhal said planting more trees is presented as a solution to reduce urban heat, but it’s not that simple. Other speakers included ocean energy and water technologist Purnima Jalihal, sustainable architect Anupama Bothireddy, and independent journalist Smitha TK.

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