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High-speed rail plan

Good morning, Chennai!

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🧐 Did you know? Chennai was the destination of Air India’s first flight. In 1954, an Air India flight flew from Bombay to Madras via Belgaum.

🚄 Chennai-Mysuru-Bengaluru high-speed rail

Land surveys have begun for the ambitious bullet train line that’ll cut travel time.

What’s happened so far? The much-anticipated high-speed rail line connecting Chennai-Mysuru-Bengaluru got its first approval a few years back from the National High-Speed Rail Corporation.

  • Land surveys are currently ongoing, with an aerial survey soon after. After that, a detailed project report will be prepared by a Hyderabad-based company.
  • So far, land surveys from Chennai to Kolar are complete. There’ll also be a ridership survey to analyse potential demand, ridership, and fare structure.

Current scenario: Currently, people can take the Vande Bharat Express from Mysuru to Chennai, which takes about 4.5 hours. When the bullet train becomes operational, that time will be cut to a little over an hour, covering 435 km.

🔥 New terminal’s safety lapse

Safety experts have noticed a possible fire safety lapse at the recently inaugurated new terminal of the airport.

What’s it about? The airport’s new international terminal could have a fire safety lapse based on the findings of some aviation experts. The findings of Captain Amit Singh from the Safety Matters Foundation have been sent to the airport’s director and the Airport Authority of India (AAI).

  • They identified that the emergency exits are sealed, which is usually done for security reasons. This could prove disastrous during an emergency.
  • The security hold area in the departure hall fails to meet fire safety regulations. The exit signs lead to sealed Emergency Access Doors. In case of a fire, people are vulnerable to smoke inhalation.

Past tragedy: The issue of the sealed doors harken back to the 1997 Uphaar Cinema tragedy where the locked exits during an emergency led to the deaths of 59 people.

🌊 Chennai’s water heritage

(Image credits: Ramanujar Moulana’s Instagram post)

A new book chronicles the city’s past connections with its waterways, bridges, and reservoirs.

What’s it about? Cycling enthusiast Ramanujar Moulana’s new book, “Madras By Cycle – Water Heritage”, showcases the city’s unique connections with its waterbodies and bridges. It’ll be unveiled later this month during the Madras Week Celebration.

  • Every year, Moulana selects different topics to showcase the city’s heritage. This year it is water and some of its iconic waterways. The book also has information about bridges and water heritage structures like the Kilpauk Water Works.
  • The book delves into the significance of the city’s water bodies, like the lakes and ponds along Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) and temple tanks like the one in the Kapali temple. It’s regarded as a symbol of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood.

Why water? For the author, it started with a passion for the city’s past and heritage. Water literature is important, particularly for a city like Chennai which relies on the northeast monsoon for its water supply. It’ll help build a more sustainable future.

🏵️ Honouring animal welfare activists

The Kindness Awards honoured those who help stray animals across the city.

What’s it about? As stray dogs and other animals are a common sight in the city, many show compassion toward them and offer help. They were recognised at the third edition of the Kindness Awards held at the Savera Hotel. Three individuals, one trust, and a shelter home were recognised. They were given ₹10,000 for their work.

  • 18-year-old Jai Surya, who runs Animal Says, was given a special cash award. Chinny Krishna, co-founder of Blue Cross India, received the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Other awardees were Deepaloshini, Shaira Banu, Debbie and Steieve (Trust), the shelter home Sampradaya run by Girija Ramanathan, and Bucchaa Arun.

Their stories: Bucchaa Arun lives in a 300 sq feet space and feeds 40 cats and other animals every day. Debbie and Steieve began their trust a few months ago and feed 300 animals daily.

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