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Cases against cattle owners

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🧐 Did you know? Chennai was home to the first modern astronomical and meteorological observatory. Sir Charles Oakeley, Governor of Madras, established the Madras Observatory in 1792 in Egmore but was later moved to Nungambakkam. Meteorological observations began in 1796.

🐄 Cases against cattle owners

The Corporation has approached the police to help take action against stray cattle owners.

What’s it about? Despite levying fines and seizing cattle, stray cattle continue to be an issue due to repeated offenders. The Chennai Corporation has now asked the police to intervene.

  • Civic authorities have filed complaints against 40 people whose cattle were seized three times. The list also includes people who attacked Corporation staff when they tried to seize the animals.
  • Since January, the Corporation has seized over 3,000 cattle. Topping the list is Ambattur with 400. Commissioner J Radhakrishnan said there are plans to set up pounds in every zone as a permanent solution.

What does the law say? IPC Section 337 permits the police to book anyone endangering the personal safety of others. Section 289 is used to book those whose animals are a danger to others.

🚯 Dumping waste in the open

The Chennai Corporation has filed complaints against those who dump debris and garbage in the open.

What’s it about? The Corporation has filed complaints against 779 people and collected fines up to ₹25 lakh from violators. To mark Madras Month in August, the civic body ran the litter-free Chennai campaign.

  • The Thiruvottiyur one topped the list with 107 complaints, followed by Royapuram with 92. Waste and debris dumped in the open are often not removed since there’s often confusion on which contractor should collect it.
  • People dump debris in the open plots and empty spaces since they don’t know who’s in charge of collecting it. There’s no awareness on social media either.

What’s the Corporation doing? The Corporation has appointed special teams to monitor areas where people dump waste in the open and fine them on the spot. While the civic body staff collect waste daily, there’s a need for cooperation from the public.

🍲 Feeding the hungry

Chennai resident Archana and her foundation are on a mission to ensure people aren’t left hungry.

What’s it about? Archana, from Villivakkam, started the Manidham Madhipom Charitable Trust to expand her services of cooking and offering meals to the homeless, especially those who are old and differently-abled.

  • They provide meals to over 100 people every day, with help from her friends Kanimozhi and Pavithra. She’s also in the process of building a home for homeless children and the elderly.
  • The group receives funds from people here and abroad. There are also plans to provide zero-interest education loans to girl students.

Difficult journey: Archana’s life was one of hardship since the death of her father when she was eight. Along with her mother and sister, they had to live in a hut near the Villivakkam subway. Playing kabaddi to win money was a way to support her family at the time.

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