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Canal desilting to avoid floods

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🧐 Did you know? The famous Higginbotham’s in Mount Road is the oldest existing bookstore in India. In 1844, a librarian named Abel Joshua Higginbotham bought the store and began selling publications.

🌧️ Desilting canals to prevent floods

The corporation is changing course on its canal restoration project to focus on increasing capacity.

Story so far: Last year, many areas, especially T Nagar, were flooded due to heavy rains. As part of its canal restoration project, the corporation won’t focus on beautification concerning the restoration of the Mambalam canal. Instead, they will be desilted. With the monsoon approaching, the contractors have been urged to complete at least 70% of the work.

  • The Mambalam canal carries stormwater from the Vidyodaya Main Road near Valluvarkottam into the Adyar river. It covers 5,700 metres.
  • Along the canal’s boundary, the corporation will construct flood-protection walls. Two robotic excavators and one recycler machine have been desilting the canals.

Original plan: Previously, the corporation wanted to beautify the space. This included placing a concrete slab over the canal, a cycle track, landscaping, and seating areas. It was called the Blue Connect project.

🦒 Special recognition for Vandalur Zoo

The zoo, according to the Centre, is the best in conserving species outside their natural habitat.

What’s it about? The Union ministry of environment conducted the management effectiveness evaluation (MEE) test for various zoos. The results are in, and Vandalur Zoo scored 82% on capacity and efficiency for conserving species outside their natural habitat. It’s the first time the zoo has got this rating.

  • The parameters measured included maintaining the landscape, having a master plan for breeding, conservation, visitors, and disaster management.
  • Each zoo was given six elements that included planning, costs, and input. For each criterion, questions were submitted by the ministry, and marks were awarded based on the zoo’s answers.

Work to do: Despite the high ranking, the MEE report provided recommendations. Among them are setting up a health advisory committee, switching to renewable energy, and rainwater harvesting. The report also said the zoo could have a programme to release animals back into the wild.

🚰 Shutdown of Nemmeli plant

As the Nemmeli plant shuts down for maintenance, the water supply to Chennai is affected.

Story so far: The Nemmeli desalination plant has been shut down for maintenance. Hence, residents in Perungudi and Sholinganallur zones haven’t had a water supply for a week. They’ve been forced to buy water from private entities. Despite the ward councillor talking with metro water officials about the issue, it hasn’t been resolved.

  • The plant has been shut down for maintenance often in the last six months. The two zones need 45 million litres of water per day. They receive 38 million, of which 28 are supplied from the Nemmeli plant.
  • The Sholinganallur zone is on the tail-end of the supply link. Hence, even on regular days, the water supply is poor. In Perungudi, residents get only a day’s notice and have to seek alternatives.

Solution ahead? Metro water staff said another desalination plant with a capacity of 150 million litres a day is being built. Once it’s ready, the water supply to the areas will be increased.

🚇 New multi-modal transport hubs soon

Two state-of-the-art multi-modal transit hubs will be set up in Guindy and Washermenpet to help ease traffic.

What’s it about? The Chennai Corporation has decided to build multi-modal transport hubs at Guindy and Washermenpet for hassle-free public transportation. It’ll be a part of the Corporation’s Mega Street project to redevelop roads and promote non-motorised traffic. 150 km of roads and other facilities will be developed.

  • The roads behind the Guindy station will be developed. Similarly, the ones around the Washermenpet Metro and railway stations will be included.
  • Apart from the roads, other complimentary facilities will be installed. These include escalators, skywalks, and pedestrian pathways to interlink with transportation modes. 

Additional work: The Chennai Metro and the corporation have also proposed a similar project on Broadway to link the bus stand, metro station, Ripon Building, and the High Court. The Metro has also decided to take over roads around five stations for development works.

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