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Beach beautification

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🧐 Did you know? The initial discussions for the formation of the Indian National Congress happened in the city. 17 leaders from across India met at Krishna Vilas, where the idea for a new political front took shape.

🏖️ Beautifying the city’s shoreline

Project Blue aims to transform the city’s beaches under the Singara Chennai 2.0 plan.

What’s it about? The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) and the Chennai Corporation have begun drawing plans to beautify the city’s beaches under Project Blue. However, these plans could impact the coastal ecosystem and those who depend on it.

  • Getting the Blue Flag Beach certificate, i.e. meeting sustainability standards, is a long-standing goal. Part of the plan is to also have cycle tracks, facilities for persons with disabilities, and water sports activities.
  • The CMDA’s ‘Shoreline Renourishment and Revitalization Project’ plan is connecting the city’s coastline with recreational and sustainable infrastructure. For example, the coastline between Marina and Santhome will have an entertainment theme.

What are the concerns? Many of the previous larger projects were stopped due to opposition from fisherfolk and their concerns about their livelihood and the environment. The 2009 elevated expressway to connect the lighthouse to Kottivakkam was scrapped. Many of the other projects aren’t accessible and are being done under the radar.

🚉 Southern Railway’s busy year

(Image credits: Tamil Nadu Infra’s X post)

The Southern Railway will open new lines and better infrastructure with increased amenities and safety mechanisms.

What’s going on? 2023 is a busy year for the Southern Railway. General Manager RN Singh said several new lines are being worked on along with upgrading stations with better amenities and safety protocols.

  • The new lines will be from Karaikal to Peralam and Chinnasalem to Kallakurichi. There’ll also be the MRTS extension from Velachery to St. Thomas Mount and a fourth line from Beach to Chennai Egmore.

Upgrades: Over the past year, 102 bridges were rebuilt, with up to 40 until this July. Under the Amrit Bharat Stations Scheme, 15 stations will be upgraded. Across 128 stations in the Chennai division, CCTV cameras will be installed by June 2024.

🎨 Art for positive change

Artist Preejo TJ’s Art for Life initiative aims to create a positive change in the world through art.

What’s it about? The Art for Life initiative isn’t just a community but a movement. For Preejo, it’s a way to use art as a collaborative and creative vehicle to enact positive changes in society. Previously, he dedicated his time to transforming urban spaces in Chennai and Bengaluru with art projects.

  • Art for Life has already completed three projects thanks to the work of volunteers. Among the projects are adorning walls of a juvenile home and an Anganwadi. He teamed up with students from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).
  • Currently, Art for Life is working on beautifying a school called Little Angels with a team of 50 volunteers. Their work also involves drawing and painting activities with the kids.

Inspiration and hopes: For Preejo, such projects not only impact the lives of the people who use the space but also have a positive impact on the volunteers. Art for Life isn’t just about the art, it’s about building and fostering a community where people can use their artistic skills, be it music, dance, or storytelling, to impact communities and people.

🎶 Arabic version of a patriotic song

The University of Madras released a teaser for the Arabic version of the Tamil song Paarukulle Nalla Naadu.

What’s it about? To commemorate Independence Day, the university’s Department of Arabic, Urdu and Persian released the teaser for the song from famous Tamil poet Subramania Bharathi. The teaser was released in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu State Urdu Academy.

  • The over 5-minute-long video is titled “Afdhalu Dawla Ardhuna Alhind”. It’s directed and translated by the head of the department, A Jahir Hussain. The music is composed by Ubaid Kunnakkavu, with Palestinian singer Yousef Awadallah as the lead vocalist.
  • The clip has a montage of images from across India like farmers, the armed forces, recognisable national symbols, and monuments. The full video will be launched soon.

Tamil-Arab connection: Tamil and Arabic share a unique linguistic bond that dates back 2,000 years. Several words from Arabic are still used today. The video is meant to highlight India’s multiculturalism.

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