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Road safety curriculum

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🧐 Did you know? With an operational length of 73.75 kilometres, the Bengaluru Metro is the second longest metro network in India, trailing only behind Delhi Metro.

🏍️ Road safety lessons in school

The Bengaluru traffic police have recommended incorporating road safety lessons into the primary and middle school syllabus to instil traffic rules and safety measures from a young age.

What’s it about? The suggestion follows an accident review revealing that over 63% of individuals involved in fatal road accidents in 2023 had only primary, secondary, or pre-graduate education. The traffic police have designed a mini-syllabus for students in classes 1 to 7.

  • The Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT) is reviewing the proposed syllabus for potential inclusion in future academic cycles.
  • The Associated Managements of Private Schools in Karnataka (KAMS) suggests that road safety education be a co-curricular activity or project, emphasizing the need for parental involvement and strict enforcement of traffic rules.

From the next year: While the proposed road safety lessons are unlikely to be included in the curriculum for the current academic year, the initiative underscores the importance of early education in promoting safer road behaviours.

🍜 Nom Nom in Bengaluru

Nom Nom, renowned for its Pan-Asian delicacies in Mumbai, has expanded its culinary journey to Bengaluru, offering a fusion of Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Burmese flavours.

What’s it about? With a menu that includes soups, salads, skewers, dumplings, and Asian-inspired cocktails, Nom Nom promises an immersive dining experience that captures the essence of Asian cuisine.

  • Hitesh Keswani, managing director of Aspect Hospitality India Pvt Ltd, expressed excitement about bringing Nom Nom’s comfort food to Bangalore’s dynamic food scene.
  • Yash Bhatia, a partner at Nom Nom, was confident that the city’s food enthusiasts would embrace the brand, adding to Bangalore’s vibrant culinary culture.

A milestone: Nom Nom’s launch in Bengaluru marks an important milestone in the brand’s expansion, offering a space for guests to enjoy a rich variety of Asian flavours under one roof.

🏘️ Hyderabad, Bengaluru lift housing market

India’s housing market sees mixed trends with record home sales and declining new launches.

What’s it about? While the January-March quarter of 2024 witnessed record home sales, new project launches have dried up in key residential real estate markets like Mumbai Metro Region (MMR), Delhi-NCR, Pune, and Kolkata. In contrast, southern cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai experienced significant growth in new launches. MMR, the largest market, saw a 9% decline in new home launches, whereas Hyderabad witnessed a 57% surge.

  • Delhi-NCR saw a steep 42% drop in new launches, with a notable shift towards the ultra-luxury segment.
  • Bengaluru and Chennai reported a 22% and 14% increase in new launches, respectively, focusing on mid-range and premium segments.

Demand for luxe: Overall, the top 7 cities recorded a marginal 1% increase in new launches compared to the previous year. The trend indicates a rising demand for high-end and luxury properties, with established developers contributing significantly to the residential market.

🚧 Partial road closure on Bannerghatta Road

BMRCL announces a one-year partial road closure on Bannerghatta Road due to metro construction.

What’s it about? The Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has issued a traffic advisory for commuters using the Bannerghatta Main Road. Starting from April 1, 2024, the northbound lane from the MICO signal to Anepalya junction will be closed for a year to facilitate the construction of the Lakkasandra Underground Metro Station.

  • Commuters heading towards Anepalya are advised to take a detour via the BOSCH Link Road from the MICO Signal to the Adugodi Signal and then turn left towards Anepalya.
  • Traffic from Anepalya junction towards Dairy Circle will not be affected by the closure.

Plan the journeys: The closure is part of the ongoing Bengaluru Metro expansion project. BMRCL has provided alternative routes for affected commuters and urges them to plan their journeys accordingly to avoid inconvenience.

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