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Numero uno in chip GCCs

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🧐 Did you know? The under-construction 258-km-long Bengaluru-Chennai Expressway, or National Expressway 7, will run from Hoskote in Bengaluru to Sriperumbudur in Chennai.

🏢 Bengaluru leads in chip GCCs

According to a Nasscom and Zinnov report, Bengaluru dominates the semiconductor Global Capability Centres (GCCs) landscape in India, accounting for 42% of the total GCC units and 61% of the talent.

What’s it about? The report highlights the significant role of Bengaluru in the semiconductor industry’s growth. Government initiatives aimed at boosting indigenous semiconductor production have led to increased investment in this sector. With over 95 GCCs established in the financial year 2022-23, employing over 50,000 people, GCCs have become a key hiring sector amid macroeconomic uncertainties faced by IT companies.

  • Hyderabad and the National Capital Region follow Bengaluru in terms of the number of GCC units and talent.
  • The Americas lead globally with 74% of semiconductor GCCs, while Asia Pacific accounts for 10%.

Partnerships: The report also highlights collaborations between semiconductor companies and Indian academic institutions, such as Samsung’s partnership with IIT-Delhi and Intel’s partnership with IIT-Bombay, to develop a skilled workforce. Various states, including Gujarat, Odisha, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, are promoting GCCs through their policies, further contributing to the sector’s growth in India.

🚧 BBMP prepares for Karaga Festival

(Image credit: Pee Vee’s Flickr post)

BBMP Chief Commissioner Tushar Girinath directs officials to repair roads and footpaths for the upcoming Bengaluru Karaga festival, ensuring adherence to the election Model Code of Conduct.

What’s it about? In anticipation of the Bengaluru Karaga festival, scheduled for April 15-23, BBMP is taking measures to ensure smooth and safe celebrations. Key directives include repairing roads and footpaths along the procession route, maintaining streetlights, and ensuring cleanliness. The BBMP is coordinating with the Bengaluru Traffic Police to manage traffic and provide alternative routes during the festival.

  • CCTV cameras are being installed at strategic locations to enhance security.
  • Facilities like drinking water and toilets will be set up for visitors.

Key event: The festival is an important cultural event in the city, and the BBMP’s efforts aim to provide a seamless experience for participants and visitors.

🫡 Celebrating Ba Na Sundara Rao’s Legacy

On the 106th birth anniversary of Kannada writer and historian Ba Na Sundara Rao, history enthusiasts gathered at the Indian Institute of World Culture to celebrate Bengaluru’s forgotten heroes through the city’s ancient hero stones.

What’s it about? Ba Na Sundara Rao’s work ‘Bengalurina Itihasa’ is a crucial source for understanding Bengaluru’s history. Madhusudan MN, a field researcher, presented the history of various hero stones or ‘veeragallu’, which commemorate individuals who performed heroic deeds.

  • These stones, dating back to the 8th and 10th centuries, are found in locations like the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore University campus, and BTM Layout bus stand.
  • However, some of these hero stones are in poor condition, neglected and surrounded by waste.

Recorded history: Hero stones commemorate acts of bravery, including fighting off cattle thieves, skirmishes with robbers, self-sacrifice, and protecting property. The preservation of these stones is crucial for understanding the city’s historical and cultural heritage.

🧸 First Toys”R”Us Store in Bengaluru

Retail tech company Ace Turtle has opened the first Toys”R”Us store in Bengaluru, marking the third outlet in India, with plans to expand further in 2024.

What’s it about? The new Toys”R”Us store, located at Bhartiya Mall near Hebbal, spans 6,200 sq. ft. and aims to be a comprehensive recreational space for children and families. Nitin Chhabra, CEO of Ace Turtle, expressed excitement about bringing the iconic brand to Bengaluru and contributing to the “Make in India” initiative by boosting toy manufacturing in the country.

  • Toys”R”Us currently operates two other stores in India, including a flagship store in Mumbai.
  • The company plans to open 12 more Toys”R”Us stores in 2024.

Multiple brands: The store features international brands like Lego, Hasbro, and Mattel, as well as Indian brands such as Playshifu and Funskool. Ace Turtle’s partnership with the Flipkart Group aims to revitalize the Toys”R”Us brand in India, building on its global retail presence in over 30 countries.

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