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Link between fish ear bones and sea temperature

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🧐 Did you know? The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in Bengaluru began its journey as Hindustan Aircraft Limited, which was incorporated on 23 December 1940. It used to manufacture Harlow Trainer, Curtiss Hawk Fighter and Vultee Bomber Aircraft in collaboration with the Inter Continental Aircraft Company of USA.

🐟 Sea temperature detected with fish ear bones

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have recently found a way to estimate seawater temperature with the help of fish earbones.

Story so far: The researchers from the Centre for Earth Sciences at IISC have discovered that the temperature of ancient seawater can be assessed by probing bones in the ears of fish (otoliths). Five common fish species including the Snapper and Atlantic Cord were used. An Associate Professor stated that these otoliths hold clues relating to the fish’s age, migration pattern and the type of water it lived in.

  • Since the atmosphere and ocean are linked, the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere eventually dissolves in the ocean, altering the seawater temperature – the lower the temperature, the more carbon dioxide is trapped.
  • However, this ability is limited, and eventually, the ocean cannot hold more carbon dioxide resulting in an increase in temperature.

Understanding Earth’s history: Now that otoliths can be used to assess information, researchers can map early seawater temperatures allowing them to understand Earth’s history better. As the professor said, “What happened back in time is key to our understanding of what will happen in the future.”

🏘️ Detention centre to be expanded

Due to a lack of space, the detention centre housing undocumented immigrants will be expanded.

Story so far: Bengaluru’s Nelamangala detention centre is to be expanded, according to the Karnataka government. The Home Minister of Karnataka Araga Jnanendra requested the Social Welfare Department to provide sufficient funding to expand the capacity of the existing detention centre as it has reached its capacity.

  • The Home Minister clarified that illegal immigrants from other countries are to be arrested and housed in detention centres.
  • He said that such immigrants, including Bangladeshi citizens and those whose visas have expired, should be placed in these centres and not in jail, in accordance with the law.

Current situation: The detention centre currently located in Sondekoppa village has six rooms for immigrants in addition to a common kitchen and bathroom, with barbed wire running along its compounds. There is a security room at the entrance along with two watchtowers on each corner.

👮‍♂️ FIR filed against Hindutva activist

Karnataka police have reportedly filed an FIR against a Hindu activist as he threatened to destroy the Eidgah tower situated in Eidgah Maidan.

Story so far: The president of Vishwa Sanatan Parishad, Bhaskaran has run into trouble with the Chamarajpet police under the charges of attempting to create communal discord in society. This came about after he threatened to demolish Eidgah tower if it is not handed over to the state government from the Karnataka State Board of Auqaf. 

  • Recently, the BBMP declared that the controversial site now falls under the ownership of the Revenue Department.
  • Local Congress MLA Zameer Ahmad Khan stated that the national flag would be hoisted at the site to mark the 75th Independence Day. However, permission for the celebration of the Ganesha festival will not be granted.

Blatant threat: The Hindu activist demanded that the Eidgah Maidan should be used as a playground and gave the government a deadline of December 6 for demolishing the Eidgah tower.

  • Further, he threatened to gather a large number of people from Hindu organizations across the country to demolish the Eidgah qibla wall.

🏬 Cox Town market is finally complete

The market on M M Road has been reopened after it shut for renovations 22 years ago. 

Story so far: The BBMP market, popularly known as the Cox Town market, was demolished in 1999 for reconstruction work. After 22 years, the building is finally complete. However, some important infrastructure is still required to be installed. Power and sewage facilities are still missing from the building.

  • The vendors who ran stalls in this market before its reconstruction had to shift their business on the footpaths outside a maternity hospital nearby.
  • A resident stated that a lack of funds caused multiple delays in the project.

HC order: An order by the High Court prohibited conducting business on footpaths as it is currently causing traffic snarls on M M Road. Additionally, these vendors are posing as a health hazard to the patients and newborns at the maternity hospital. Residents stated that these violations are caused by the BBMP.

Things to do…

Here are some fun and interesting things to do in the city over the weekend!

  • Fans of Bengaluru FC rejoice! You can attend the football team’s Open Training Session this Sunday, 14 August at the Bangalore Football Stadium. What’s more, it’s free! More details here.
  • Nucleya is in town this weekend! He will be performing at The Lalit Ashok Bangalore on Saturday, 13 August. Tickets are available here.
  • Join multiple celebrity DJs today at Raahi for a fun-filled night with your buddies! Book your tickets here
  • Enjoy a laughter-filled weekend at YUCK Comedy Club for their special edition Independent Joke Nights. Get your passes here
  • Calling all cyclists and runners to register for Run With Soldiers for a Cause this Sunday at St. Joseph’s Indian Composite PreUniversity! Make your registration here.

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