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Insect cafe opened

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🧐 Did you know? Electronics City is managed by the Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA).

🐛 Insect cafe aids biodiversity

A unique ‘Insect Cafe’ has been launched in Lalbagh Botanical Garden, aimed at conserving diverse insect species amidst rapid urbanisation.

What’s it about? Established in collaboration with the Vibhinna India Foundation, this initiative provides a sanctuary for insects, enhancing their breeding grounds and offsetting habitat loss due to urban expansion.

  • The cafe, made mainly from wooden frameworks, is sectioned into various habitats, equipped with dry grass, wood, and plant sticks to mimic natural insect environments.
  • It caters to different insect species, including those that burrow into dry wood or earth, with a significant presence of bees like bumblebees and carpenter bees.

Protecting insect species: With plans to introduce ten more insect cafes in various locations, this initiative, in tandem with the Forest Department, aims to extend conservation efforts, encouraging public engagement in installing similar habitats in their backyards, thereby promoting the protection of invaluable insect species and biodiversity.

🤔 Kanakapura in Bengaluru?

Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar hints at a potential incorporation of Kanakapura into Bengaluru, a change that could escalate land values while altering the political landscape.

What’s it about? The suggestion came during a foundation stone laying event at a temple in Kanakapura, indicating a reversion to pre-2007 jurisdiction under Bengaluru Rural district before Ramanagara district’s creation.

  • The transition may extend Bengaluru Urban district’s jurisdiction, currently encompassing five taluks.
  • Kanakapura’s integration could affect property transactions, transitioning to a per-foot basis, as per Shivakumar’s statement.

Politics in play: The dialogue also surfaced criticism towards previous administrative decisions, hinting at a political underpinning alongside urban development motives for the proposed alteration.

🅿️ Opposition to parking proposal

Bengaluru’s residents and lawmakers are rallying against a proposal to convert a 500-metre stretch of the cherished Cubbon Park into a parking lot, championing the preservation of this green space.

What’s it about? Amid a rising controversy, the proposal by the high court in Bengaluru has been met with significant opposition from the community including walkers, joggers, and heritage activists. They plan to raise the issue with the High Court’s registrar-general to advocate for a traffic-free park.

  • The designated area for the proposed parking lot is between the Queen’s Statue and the Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association stadium
  • Lawmakers have voiced their support for environmentalists and residents, suggesting that vehicles can be parked around the park or elsewhere, thus keeping the park’s integrity intact​.

Community effort: This incident reflects a broader concern for preserving green spaces amidst urban development in Bengaluru. The united stand of residents and lawmakers showcases a community-driven effort to maintain the city’s ecological and heritage sites against infrastructural encroachments.

🛫 New Bengaluru-Singapore flight

Air India has commenced a new non-stop service between Bengaluru and Singapore, providing a direct connection between the two cities, starting from October 22, 2023.

What’s it about? The new service, denoted as flight AI 392, departs Bengaluru at 10:30 PM, reaching Singapore by 5:30 AM the following morning. This initiative is seen as a significant step to enhance connectivity and foster closer ties between the two vibrant cities.

  • The return flight, AI 393, starts from Singapore at 6:40 AM and will reach Bengaluru at 8:35 AM.
  • The introduction of this route comes as part of Air India’s efforts to expand its international connectivity.

Strategic timing: The timing of the flights is strategic, allowing for overnight travel and early morning arrival, which might be preferred by business travellers or those looking to maximize their time in either city.

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