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Illegal schools identified

Good morning, Bengaluru!

⛈️ Today’s weather: Lower chances of rain with pleasant weather but scattered thunderstorms.

🧐 Did you know? The Madras Engineering Group of the Indian Army, informally known as Madras Sappers, in Ulsoor has been in existence since the 1780s, deemed one of the oldest regiments in the country.

🚸 51 schools running illegally

51 ‘unauthorized’ private unaided schools have been identified in the Bengaluru South and North education districts.

Story so far: The Department of Public Instruction, in an ongoing effort to identify schools operating illegally has discovered 51 schools. The department has also sought explanations from the schools.

  • If the explanations submitted by the schools are not satisfactory, they will be shut down. 
  • Students of schools that have been closed due to these reasons have been shifted to nearby schools.

No renewals: Officials stated that the schools are functioning without renewing their affiliations thereby violating the Karnataka Education Act. Some schools have also shifted their location without notifying the department. Additionally, some schools have been teaching syllabi of other boards without possessing a no-objection certificate.

☔ Special grants from the Centre

Karnataka will request special grants from the Centre in order to deal with the torrential rain devastating Bengaluru.

Story so far: Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai stated that his government is seeking special grants from the Union government to aid the damages caused by the rains in the city. He stated that the Inter-Ministerial Central Team had submitted details of the damages caused during three stages of rainfall.

  • Revenue Minister R Ashoka has estimated that the losses since June cost roughly ₹7,647 crores.
  • The proposal sent to the Centre will seek relief of ₹1,012 crores as per the National Disaster Response Fund norms.

Need for special grants: Apart from restoring commercial establishments, the grants will be used to compensate fisherfolk who lost their boats. Losses caused by landslides will also require a special grant. The CM also stated that ₹500 crores had been released twice to restore damaged infrastructure.

🎮 Finale for eSports tournament in Bengaluru

Acer completed its Finale for the Predator Gaming League 2022 tournament in Bengaluru, announcing the winner for the 5th edition of the event.

Story so far: Held at Nexus Mall Whitefield, the tournament saw finalists competing in various games such as PUBG PC and DOTA2. The total prize pool was $400,000 at the Asia Pacific finals. The popularity of eSports in India is rising, opening new doors of opportunity for gaming enthusiasts.

  • The event also marks the 2nd edition of the exclusive Velorant event for women.
  • The action of the event was also displayed on various social media platforms.
  • Team HAVK and Revengers won PUBG PC and DOTA2, respectively.

Gamer’s paradise: The event organized by Acer is a haven for technology lovers and gaming enthusiasts. Acer provided some cutting-edge gaming devices which was a treat for gamers across the country.

✍️ MoUs in Culture and Renewable Energy

The India Armenia Conference 2022 organized by the Indian Economic Trade Organization along with the India Eurasia Trade Council was conducted in Bengaluru.

Story so far: The purpose of the conference was to promote investment and growth in collaboration with the Embassy of Armenia in India. Issues and prospects regarding bilateral economic cooperation were presented to the Ambassador of Armenia.

  • The Ambassador emphasized the need to raise mutual recognition and trust between Indian and Armenian companies.
  • He also called for participants to take part in exhibitions and conferences in Armenia.

MoUs signed: Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Trade Commissioner Yateesh Venkatesh and the Bangalore International Arts Festival for the participation of Armenian culture performers. 

  • The Indian delegation from the Indian Economic Trade Organization signed the MoU with the Ministry of Culture in Armenia to establish the Film Academy.

✨ Things to do…

Here are some fun and interesting things to do in the city over the weekend!

  • Attend TEDxIIITBangalore event this Saturday where speakers will share ideas that fundamentally change a person’s thinking.
  • Grab those trekking shoes and head to the Gopalan arcade over the weekend to begin the Skandagiri Sunrise trip organised by Namma Trip. Book your spot here
  • Get your laughter therapy for the week this Saturday at the standup comedy show hosted by Drunkling Sizzlers & Pub.
  • Enjoy a fun night out at Indigo XP hosted by DJ Hassan this Saturday night.
  • In the mood for retro? Head to Hard Rock Cafe this Friday for a fun Flashback Friday.

🛋️ Local Lounge

Yesterday’s Poll Results:

  • I have received a prank call: 33.3%
  • I haven’t received a prank call: 66.7% 🏆

Answers to Yesterday’s Question:

Which is your favourite social media app and why?

Sourabh: “LinkedIn. It’s an app I need. It’s the least I hate. But still gets the job done. The rest are not useful for me atleast.”

Yogita: “Snapchat”

Datta: “Reddit. Can explore what you need at your own depth.”

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend!

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