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Going Dutch

Good morning, Bengaluru!

🌦️ Today’s weather: Mostly cloudy with some showers later in the day.

🧐 Did you know? The freedom struggle in the city took off with the coming together of the city’s textile workers, students and nationalist political leaders. The city was divided into the old city of the petes to the west and the new administrative and military base of the British to the east.

👋 Dutch PM’s tour

(Image credit: Mark Rutte’s X post)

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte charmed residents as he toured Bengaluru.

What’s it about? Accompanied by security personnel, Prime Minister Rutte toured the city to experience some of the sights and sounds. He reportedly enjoyed his time in some areas like Church Street.

  • Since the Netherlands is famous for cycling, Rutte hopped on a bicycle and took selfies with shop owners. He also spoke with cycle mayor Sathya Sankaran on how to expand the city’s cycling infrastructure.
  • While chatting with the media, he drank some chai and paid for it using the UPI and commended India for this innovative advancement.

A warm welcome: While Rutte is in the state for a trade mission, his walk about town was warmly received by waving residents, who were advised to stay indoors. Rutte made sure to wave back.

🚇 Metro and foldable cycles

There’s still confusion on whether foldable cycles are allowed on the metro.

What’s it about? Metro officials have already issued notices stating that foldable cycles are allowed inside metro stations and trains. However, on several occasions, security personnel don’t allow passengers to carry the cycles. In 2019, after much lobbying, the metro allowed foldable cycles, and these passengers should be in the last coaches of the train.

  • IT employees often use foldable cycles for last-mile connectivity. Security at the Automated Fare Collection gates stops them. Bicycle mayor Sathya Sankaran said the number of people using foldable cycles has increased.
  • There’s also a need for parking spaces. A survey by AltMo showed only 37 of the 57 stations have designated cycle parking spaces. It’s also unclear if cyclists should pay a fee.

What can be done? While Delhi and Bengaluru don’t allow normal cycles due to security issues, foldable cycles should be allowed, and free parking facilities should be set up for the same.

🚮 BBMP pulled up

The Karnataka High Court has asked the BBMP to do more to curb violators of solid waste management rules.

What’s it about? The court said the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) should take a more out-of-the-box approach and stated that the penalties for violators aren’t enough. The court said the BBMP can consider penal action against the violators.

  • The BBMP stated that it levied ₹11.6 crore in penalties between September 2019 to August 2023. This was done based on directions from the court responding to PILs filed in 2012.
  • The court wasn’t convinced that the penalties were acting as a deterrent. It wanted the BBMP and the government to look into additional measures to ensure there aren’t repeat violators.

Additional directives: In addition to the penalties, the court said the BBMP should implement the user fee collection system for solid waste management. This doesn’t require any prior approval from the government.

🧬 Creative thinking in science

(Image credit: Breakthrough’s YouTube video)

Class 12 student Sia Godika from Bengaluru made it to the semi-finals of the prestigious Breakthrough Junior Challenge.

What’s it about? The prestigious Breakthrough Junior Challenge is a global science competition for students to inspire creative thinking in science and mathematics. Sia Godika, from Neev Academy, is among the 30 semi-finalists from across the world who submitted creative short videos to explain difficult concepts.

  • Her submission was on the Yamanaka factors and their importance in anti-ageing research. This Nobel-prize-winning research was an important milestone. For her, the choice is personal since it affected her grandparents.
  • She also has an idea for an app that could help in the early detection of Parkinson’s. Her research also led her to see how Artificial Intelligence could help patients. The intersection of technology and biology is another topic of interest for her.

What’s next in the competition? Her entry will need to win the popular vote section by getting enough likes from the public. Three judges will then pick the winning entries among 15 finalists. Winner will get $200,000 in college tuition, $50,000 for the mentor and $100,000 for the school.

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