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Easing ORR traffic

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🧐 Did you know? Krumbigal Road was named after Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel. He was a famous botanist and the main architect of the Brindavan Gardens Park.

🛣️ Solving ORR traffic congestion

(Image credit: DK Shivakumar’s X post)

A report stated that fixing choke points on ORR can ease traffic congestion.

What’s it about? There has been a lot of focus on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) in the wake of the massive traffic jam last week. A report by the Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA) stated that fixing 36 choke points on this 17 km stretch is the only way to ease congestion.

  • ORRCA representatives met with the deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar and asked to take measures to help reduce traffic congestion. Among them are clearing encroachments and regulating the movement of heavy vehicles.
  • The team from ORRCA also said they want the government to accelerate the opening of the Whitefield Metro line with feeder services on ORR.

What’s important about ORR? The ORR has over 500 big software companies that employ over 9.5 lakh people. Due to the severe traffic jams, the ORRCA estimates it has resulted in a loss of over $15 billion annually.

🚇 New metro line

(Image credit: Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui’s X post)

The final approval for the Challaghatta-Kengeri Metro line will likely happen this week.

What’s it about? A team from the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) conducted its mandatory inspection of the Challaghatta-Kengeri Metro line. With its approval likely coming this week, it has further delayed its inauguration.

  • Commuters have demanded Metro officials begin operations on the 2.1 km KR Pura-Baiyappanhalli section of the Purple Line. It would help people who want to travel beyond Baiyappanhalli.
  • Currently, those who want to travel towards Whitefield need to use the feeder bus service between Baiyappanhalli and KR Pura. The journey connecting the two stations takes almost 30 minutes.

What’s the hold-up? Metro officials said operations will begin only after both stretches are inaugurated simultaneously. Passengers say the Prime Minister has already inaugurated the Whitefield line.

⚧️ Telling his truth

(Image credit: Rumi Harish’s Facebook post)

City-based trans activist Rumi Harish’s memoir recounts his journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Who is he? Rumi, a 50-year-old gender rights activist, released his memoir, Jaunpuri Khayaal, to tell his story of transitioning from a girl, his relationship with his family and music.

  • In an all-girls school, Rumi didn’t have anyone to talk to about his thoughts. After joining a Bengaluru college in 1992, things began to change. He had a knack for Hindustani music and performed in concerts.
  • He discontinued his Master’s course and moved to Mumbai to pursue a singing career. After he came out as trans in 2014, he was forced to give up that path. By the early 2000s, he joined an NGO working for the LGBT community.

Transitioning: When he came out, he faced criticism from his father, but his mother supported him. He underwent gender-correction surgery in 2020 and changed his gender in legal documents. Following his mother’s death, he concentrated on gender rights and discrimination.

🚶 Footpath restoration

(Image credit: Freepik)

For Sumanahalli residents, there’s relief as the restoration of footpaths has begun.

What’s it about? The specific stretch at the Sumanahalli junction has footpaths that aren’t pedestrian-friendly. This deteriorated stretch has become a concern for citizens, prompting officials to take action.

  • Hundreds of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) commuters depend on this stretch to reach the bust stop that heads toward Kamakshipalya, Rajajinagar, and Kempegowda.
  • Before the state assembly elections, the road was asphalted but has since been forgotten. Walking on this stretch is risky since it’s a busy road, and many have to walk on the open utility duct.

What has happened so far? A bridge was built on the stormwater drain which was meant to connect Kamakshipalya and Sumanahalli Junction. The utility duct on both sides should be covered with concrete slabs to serve as a footpath, but this hasn’t been done.

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