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Big Butterfly Month

Good morning, Bengaluru!

🌦️ Today’s weather: Generally cloudy with some rain in spots in the afternoon.

🧐 Did you know? To commemorate Guru Nanak Dev’s visit to Bengaluru in the 15th century, a group of Sikh families built a gurudwara in Ulsoor in 1943.

🦋 Celebrating butterflies

To mark Big Butterfly Month, the Bengaluru Butterfly Club (BBC) will participate in the month-long celebration.

What’s it about? The BBC is among the 50 special groups participating. They recently discovered four previously unseen species within the city. The Karnataka Forest Department allows members access to the urban forests in Doresanipalya and Kalkere, where the new species were found.

  • At the previous Butterfly and Bee Awareness Week in December, Chief Conservator of Forests, R Ravishankar, asked the BBC to conduct butterfly surveys. They’ve recorded over 100 species in the past 8 months.
  • Among the species found in the Kalkere forests are Indian lime Blue, Asian Zebra Blue, Indian Lesser Grass Blu, and the Dakhan Tricolour Pied Flat.

About the BBC: The BBC has been conducting surveys every fortnight at the Doresa­nipalya Forest Research Station for over 14 years. They’ve recorded over 190 species in the last decade. The data collected is sent to the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS).

🚇 Should metro fares be cut?

A new study has proposed cutting metro fares to help increase patronage among the low-income workforce.

What’s it about? A study by the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) has called for the metro fares to be reduced so that the city’s low-income workforce can use them. The survey covered thousands of respondents in low and middle-income households in 16 wards.

  • Between July and September 2021, researchers surveyed 436 households near existing stations and 914 households near proposed stations. Of those living near existing stations, 65.71% said high fares have prevented them from using the metro.
  • The results showed that low-income groups spent a disproportionately higher amount on travel. One of the researchers said if the goal is to shift from private two-wheelers or buses to the metro, then affordability should be the number one factor to address.

What can be done? The study proposed two scenarios for 2031 – a Business As Usual (BAU) projection and an Affordable Metro Service (AMS) projection. The latter assumes metro and bus fares are the same for distances longer than 5 km.

  • The metro’s ridership could increase from 7% BAU to 17% AMS in 2031. This would result in more revenues for the metro operator.

🚻 More precast toilets

Authorities have decided to construct more precast toilets to strengthen solid waste management in the city.

What’s it about? The BBMP’s solid waste management wing has decided to build 46 precast toilets. The construction of 15 of them which began two years ago, remains incomplete. The new ones will be open 24×7 and be built for ₹281 crore.

  • This is part of Phase II of the project that the civic agency began two years ago. In Phase I, 25 toilets were to be built for ₹168 crore, but only 10 have been completed.
  • These toilets have clean and dry facilities, sensor-based flushing, and water-saving tap fixtures. They also provide ample ventilation and a system to eliminate foul odour.

What about the functional ones? Among the 10 already built in Phase I, the ones at the National Institute of Unani Medicine, Sumanahalli bus stop, Mysore Lamps Factory in Malleswaram, Bandipalya bus stand, and Silk Board bus stand are functional.

  • There are also plans to open 100 She Toilets for women with menstrual pad vending machines and feeding rooms.

👩‍🏫 Helping distressed students

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, the spotlight was on how teachers can help students.

What’s it about? What’s the role of teachers in the life of students? How can they hold those in distress? These were among the topics of discussion in an event organised by “Save our Student”.

  • Psychotherapist Ranjini E Jois said students should be encouraged especially when they confide in someone about giving up. She also said people across age groups are experiencing loneliness due to internet addiction.
  • Counsellor and former teacher Dr Ushy Mohandas said teachers play a vital role in moulding a student’s perspective since they’re often the first person they go to for help.

Theme of the event: The event was organised to address the concern of rising youth suicides. The discussions were aimed at stopping the mistreatment of students at educational institutions.

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