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Bengaluru tops budget travel list

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🧐 Did you know? Bangalore Literature Festival was founded in 2012.

🧳 Best budget travel destination

Agoda ranks Bengaluru as India’s best budget travel destination.

Travelling in a pinch: Agoda has unveiled a list of economically viable travel destinations, placing Bengaluru at the forefront in India with an average room rate of ₹4,584. The city, known for its blend of modernity and historical charm, offers a unique travel experience, moving ahead of last year’s top budget destination, Puri.

  • In Asia, the cities with the lowest average accommodation rates include Udon Thani in Thailand and Surabaya in Indonesia, with Bengaluru representing India in this affordable segment.
  • The timing coincides with popular travel seasons in Asia, encouraging holiday planning during Songkran, Hari Raya, and Golden Week.

Low-cost global travel: Agoda’s focus on affordable travel destinations highlights Bengaluru’s appeal to budget-conscious travellers. The broader aim is to facilitate global travel experiences at lower costs, aligning with the travel and tourism sector’s projected growth in India and globally.

🧑‍🔬 Squadrone’s R&D milestone

Bengaluru’s Squadrone Infra and Mining gains DSIR recognition for drone tech R&D.

What’s it about? Squadrone Infra and Mining, a Bengaluru-based drone startup, has been officially recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) for its research and development unit. This recognition underscores the company’s innovative efforts in drone-based artificial intelligence and machine-learning surveillance technologies.

  • CEO Cyriac Joseph highlighted this recognition as a significant milestone, affirming Squadrone’s contribution to India’s global R&D stature.
  • The company played a crucial role in the rescue mission of trapped miners at the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand.

AI, ML transformation: With over three decades of expertise, the company focuses on digital transformation through AI and ML, aiming to enhance mine safety, planning, and drilling processes. This achievement reinforces Squadrone’s position as a technology-driven service provider in the industry.

🦠 C-CAMP’s single cell study breakthrough

Bengaluru’s C-CAMP develops affordable platform OptiDrop for single cell analysis.

What’s it about? The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) in Bengaluru has introduced a new platform named OptiDrop, which simplifies and reduces the cost of studying single cells. This innovation can have wide-ranging applications in diagnostics, therapeutics, agriculture, and animal health.

  • C-CAMP, a leading biosciences research hub, was established in 2009 under the Department of Biotechnology, Indian Ministry of Science, Technology and Earth Sciences.
  • OptiDrop’s affordability, live data visualisation, smaller data footprint, and closed system design make it a promising technology for clinical applications.

Accessible and affordable: OptiDrop is set to revolutionize flow cytometry by making it more accessible and versatile. C-CAMP’s innovation aims to reduce costs from the current ₹40 lakh to around ₹10 lakh, making advanced cell analysis more affordable.

🎨 Exploring emotions through art

Bengaluru-based curator Manasa Raj presents an art exhibition themed around the nine emotions or Navarasas.

What’s it about? “The Pollen Waits on its Tiptoe” is an art exhibition curated by Manasa Raj, inspired by the diverse reactions observed during the pandemic and the concept of Navarasas. The exhibition, which features works from 21 artists, aims to explore the purity of emotion and the interaction between the artist (rasa) and the viewer (rasika).

  • The exhibition is based on the nine emotions defined in the Natyashastra: adbutha (surprise), bhayanaka (fear), bibhatsya (disgust), hasya (humour), karuna (compassion), raudra (anger), shantha (peace), shringara (love), and veera (courage).
  • Artists from Karnataka, Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow have contributed to the exhibition, each depicting specific rasas through diverse media including painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media art.

More details: “The Pollen Waits on its Tiptoe” invites viewers to introspect and connect with their own perceptions of emotions through the artworks on display. The exhibition is open at 7 Galleries, Chitrakala Parishat in Bengaluru until April 8, offering a unique opportunity to explore the dynamic interplay of emotions in art.

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