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An Italian man’s philanthropy

Good morning, Bengaluru!

Today’s weather: Temperatures will stay low with high chances of heavy rainfall. Don’t forget your umbrella!

🧐 Did you Know? There are several theories regarding the origin of Bengaluru’s name. But there is no clear winner. Read about the various theories here.

🚮 Trash transfer stations in Bengaluru

The state government, in a significant decision, has given the BBMP a green flag to build three large garbage transfer stations around the city, which will cost ₹305 crores. 

Story so far: The transfer station project aims to eliminate the process of shifting the garbage from auto-tippers to compactors; a process that is defacing many areas in the city. The project covers the installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of transfer stations that have a minimum capacity of 150 tonnes per day for municipal solid waste. 

  • The government order reveals that the cost of installing three stations will be ₹36.91 crores while operation and maintenance of the stations for seven years will come up to ₹267.65 crores. 
  • Currently, ₹3 lakh is the monthly operation and maintenance cost of each mini-garbage station while the estimated monthly cost of operation of three large transfer stations is ₹1 crore. 

High-cost project: At present, auto-tippers do not need to travel more than 3km to shift garbage to compactors. However, the transfer stations are expected to cover at least 10 wards. This means that auto-tippers will have to travel up to 10 km to transfer the garbage. 

  • A solid waste management expert stated that spending such an exorbitant amount of money on the transfer of garbage is unnecessary as auto-tippers can do so within the ward itself, saving them the trouble of a longer trip.

🫶 Italian man provides aid to Bengaluru villages

Luigi Ferrante, an Italian TV and movie writer-director, has contributed heavily to the transformation of many villages in Bengaluru.

Story so far: The 56-year-old Italian first visited India in 1994 in devotion to Sathya Sai Baba. So far, he has aided the development of 17 schools in Ramanagara and Channapatna taluks through the construction of school buildings as well as the distribution of stationery and other essentials to over 1,500 students every year. This is financially aided by a trust in Italy that has about 250 contributors including journalists and actors.

  • Ferrante’s trust spends roughly ₹15 to 20 lakh every year to aid the education of students belonging to the local schools. 
  • The Headmaster of one of the government schools in Channapatna town also stated that the Italian encourages students aspiring to pursue higher education by giving them laptops.

Enthusiastic philanthropist: In addition to supporting the education of thousands of students in these villages, Ferrante has installed toilets in old-age homes and personally transferred patients with serious ailments to bigger cities for treatment. 

  • With the help of the Karnataka government, Ferrante has also acquired four acres of land to establish a pediatric hospital, canteen, and school in Koornagere village.

🧼 Parents complain about lack of hygiene in schools

Amid the times of Covid and other diseases, parents are worried about the lack of proper hygiene facilities in Bengaluru schools.

Story so far: Parents have complained to private schools about their concerns regarding the lack of hygiene facilities such as insufficient handwash and dirty washrooms. Some parents reported that despite repeated requests to change this, the schools refused and stated that children waste handwash and they cannot provide it. Parents feel it is unfair for them to choose between their child’s safety and education. 

  • Many parents are fuming that despite paying exorbitant amounts in fees, the schools are refusing to provide basic hygiene facilities. 
  • Due to poor facilities in schools and the refusal of the management to ensure proper sanitation, parents are pushing for classes to take place online or in a hybrid mode. 

Pathetic conditions: Some parents have also complained that in addition to the scarcity of handwash on school campuses, children are made to sit on the floor and have their meals. This has led to many children falling sick. 

  • Although they have not been diagnosed with Covid, parents blame the unhygienic conditions of the school for their child’s illness.

🏢 SC directs BDA to regularise 355 buildings

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has been directed by the Supreme Court not to acquire over five acres of land in its acquisition of lands for Dr Shivaram Karanth layout.

Story so far: The five acres of land are currently occupied by Shri Rama Chandra Mission Ashram Zonal Centre. The Justice AV Chandrashekar Committee sustained a request made by the ashram as activities such as meditation, health training, yoga sessions, science camps, and distribution of saplings take place on the premises. Additionally, the SC directed the BDA to regularise 355 buildings that were mentioned in the eighteenth report of the committee. 

  • The SC bench also instructed the BDA to carry on with the acquisition of lands that will be required for connectivity within the layout in accordance with its status report. 
  • The court reversed its judgment delivered in 2018, directing the BDA not to drop land acquisition from the proposed layout; now, the SC bench explicitly stated that the land should be used for the same purpose that it is being used for now. 

Certificates to be issued: The SC bench also added that the Commissioner of BDA has to issue regularisation certificates to the respective applicants. The process is to be carried out under the supervision of the Justice AV Chandrashekar Committee in a transparent manner within four weeks.

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🗞️ In other news…

  • The city police commissioner has instructed police stations to file FIRs for mobile snatching cases instead of filing them under e-lost cases.
  • SC refuses to get involved in the decision of the Karnataka HC to relocate elephants to trust in Gujarat.
  • Auto drivers in Bengaluru express their love-hate relationship using ride-hailing applications such as Ola and Uber.
  • Bengalurean BESCOM engineer caught demanding a bribe of ₹3 lakhs to provide electricity connection to an apartment near Benson Town.
  • Bengaluru will be investing in infrastructure projects to ease traffic congestion in the city through a suburban rail project.

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Pree: “Sustainability as a Subject. This will go a long way in germinating several fundamental as well as innovative ideas in young minds. Year-long activities can include bees farming, waste management, solar harnessing, water preservation, lake revivals, gardening and a whole lot of other sustainable activities.”

Sriranga: “Basics of finances and savings. It doesn’t matter if people are doctors, engineers or lawyers. Savings and Taxes are something which confuse everyone. Schools must teach more about them.”

Jaya: “To become independent thinkers.”

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