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Where are the birds?

Good morning, Bengaluru!

⛈️ Today’s weather: Thundershowers and light winds.

🧐 Did you know? Command Hospitals are important military medical centres in India, with only one in each Command. Among the eight in the Indian Armed Forces, Bengaluru hosts one on Old Airport Road.

🦜 Declining birds, rising birdwatchers

A new report highlights the decline in certain bird species, including the Karnataka state bird, the Indian Roller.

Story so far: These vibrant blue and brown birds used to be a common sight in the city, but now spotting them requires venturing to the outskirts. Urban development has erased their preferred open spaces like grasslands and gardens, leaving their habitats scarce.

  • Bird enthusiasts like Ulhas Anand and Dr S Subramanya have noticed this troubling shift.
  • Changes in city lakes, encroachment, and the transformation of paddy fields into apartments have significantly impacted the once-thriving bird populations and their habitats.

Birdwatching spots: Despite the decline in bird numbers, birdwatching as a hobby is on the rise. Dr Subramanya, who started with 25 birdwatchers, now sees thousands in his city. Weekend walks have become a norm, with popular spots like Saul Kere, Jakkur Lake, and Valley School attracting enthusiasts. Lalbagh remains a favourite too.

🚇 Jayadeva Metro Station on a high

The Jayadeva Metro Station could be the highest in the country, per a metro official.

Story so far:  It’s special because it works like a road and metro bridge, with six levels. The first train coaches are expected around October 16, with more eventually expected. Before the trains start, there will be a three-month trial period. The plan to finish delivering all the coaches by September might not happen on time.

  • Going up to 38 meters from the R6 subway level, the Jayadeva Metro Station might just become the tallest metro station in the country.
  • The metro has now connected to Whitefield, but the link between KR Puram and Baiyappanahalli is still in the works.

The plan: The metro is unfolding in several steps: first, the Bannerghatta to Dairy Circle underpass, then the Ragigudda to Central Silk Board road link, followed by a flyover and the metro concourse. The next phase connects RV Road to Bommasandra, and the final touch is the Kalena Agrahara to Nagawara Metro line.

  • They’re also looking at innovative technology, like better communication between trains and using a computer-based control system instead of the initial ‘distance to go’ signalling.

🎤 Children’s music festival

(Image credits: Bhoomija Trust’s Instagram post)

The Jackfruit Music Festival, hosted by Bhoomija, is back for its fifth edition from September 12 to 17.

Story so far: It’s a special musical event for kids, put together by the talented singer and musician Shubha Mudgal. Gayathri Krishna, the founder of Bhoomija, explains that they named it ‘Jackfruit’ because it’s like classical music – tough outside, gooey inside, and you need to work for the sweet part. Just like the journey of becoming an Indian classical musician.

  • In five days, Jackfruit 2023 will have two concerts and seven workshops for kids. There’s ‘Kamaal Dhamaal’ by tabla player Aneesh Pradhan and ‘Singing into the Future’ by Shubha Mudgal.
  • All their songs connect to nature and the link between nature and traditional Indian music. Mudgal mentioned that both concerts will showcase performers under 17.

Diverse workshops: The workshops are eclectic: ‘Aal Izz Well’ is a composer’s journey with Shantanu Moitra, ‘Nammooru Chandavo, Nimmooru Chandavo?’ is a sugama sangeetha workshop with MD Pallavi. ‘Of Bandish and Bhajans’ is about Hindustani raag sangeet with Shantanu Bhattacharyya.

  • There’s also beatboxing basics with Vineeth Vincent in ‘Boots ‘n Cats & Snares ‘n Hats’, and an introduction to DJing in ‘Scratching the Surface’ with Peach Blok.

Where? Mark your calendars for Jackfruit 2023 at the Indian Music Experience and MLR Convention Centre in JP Nagar. You can find the full schedule on Instagram by following @bhoomijatrust. Tickets are up for grabs online.

🚌 Can feeder buses solve mobility problems?

Bengaluru faces a pressing mobility issue in sprawling areas that won’t be covered by Namma Metro’s Phase III expansion.

Story so far: The solution lies in well-planned bus routes and shuttles. However, the question remains: Are transport agencies ready? The last-mile connection is a challenge, notably in areas like Old Airport Road with no nearby Metro station.

  • Thousands rely on BMTC buses, which often get stuck due to unresolved junctions. A Metro plan for Old Airport Road once existed – replaced by a controversial pod-taxi idea.
  • A proposed underground line also awaits a decision, aiming for a metro station within 1-2 km by 2032.

Road ahead: Shuttle feeder buses seem to be the way to go for connecting unserved areas. However, a big issue was that Phase I Metro Stations lacked bus bays for smooth shuttle access. They’re taking baby steps to fix this. The plan is clear: have feeder buses until 11.30 pm, provide real-time bus info, digital displays at Metro Stations, and sync up Metro and bus timings.

  • Public announcements are on the agenda too, currently only happening on certain routes.

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🗞️ In other news…

  • Namma Metro tunnel boring machine Vamika achieves a breakthrough after tunnelling 721 metres.
  • SWR proposes to extend the Bengaluru airport train to other destinations to increase patronage.
  • Bosch filed a complaint with Bengaluru cyber police about an online recruitment scam.
  • The Telerad Group and NIMHANS signed an MoU for AI-enhanced radiology diagnostics.
  • The ongoing rejuvenation of Bengaluru’s K100 stormwater drain is the focus of a new documentary.

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