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Tales from the wild

Good morning, Bengaluru!

🌤️ Today’s weather: Sunny intervals and light winds.

🧐 Did you know? The City Railway Station’s last good air quality day was in November 2021. That’s more than a year and a half.

🎤 Jungle tales

Riverside Tales, a new podcast, will delve into amusing and unheard stories of the wild.

Story so far: To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Wildlife Association of South India (WASI) has teamed up with two Bengaluru artists to launch a podcast series named Riverside Tales. The podcast shares unheard stories from the wild, including anecdotes collected over time and insider stories shared among association members by riversides and campfires.

  • The stories are from family and friends. The initial podcast, launched in early August, is narrated by voice artist Mario Jerome and produced by music producer Arvind Raj.
  • Future podcasts will delve into human-animal interactions, rewilding a pet leopard, and conserving the Humpback Mahseer, a cause championed by WASI member Naren Sreenivasan.

New releases: Three additional podcasts of Riverside Tales are scheduled for release in the next three months. Accessible for free on YouTube and Spotify, these podcasts aim to gather funds for WASI’s magazine revival.

About WASI: With around 550 members, WASI, a non-profit, comprises nature enthusiasts from South India. Collaborating with the Karnataka Forest and Fisheries Departments, the society concentrates on conservation endeavours within the Cauvery River basin, notably the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.

💼 Jobs fair for senior citizens

Bengaluru’s seniors swept up job opportunities at a recent jobs fair.

Story so far: The Nightingales Medical Trust, with Vayah Vikas and St Joseph’s University, organised a job fair for senior citizens on Sunday. This non-profit organisation has been hosting such events since 2011, helping more than 3,000 seniors find employment opportunities.

  • 652 seniors participated in the job fair, with 395 offers being presented by companies across different sectors like administration, cashier roles, management, security, marketing, teaching, data entry, reception, gas agencies, and life insurance.
  • Raymund Joseph, aged 60, faced a job interview after 28 years and found the interaction positive. Anand Srinivas, from Vineeti Technologies, noted candidates sought desk jobs with set hours and better pay, with some open to any role.

How it helps: Out of India’s 138 million seniors, 89% lack pension coverage and rely on savings or family support. Only 12% have life insurance. Post-retirement, women usually engage more than men, who often feel isolated, and their health deteriorates. Jobs provide connections and purpose, said S Premkumar Raja of Nightingales Medical Trust.

🕳️ Solving the pothole problem

A citizens group in East Bengaluru have pooled their resources to fix potholes in the area.

Story so far: The ‘Citizens Group, East Bengaluru,’ frustrated with government inaction regarding civic amenities, initiated the ‘NoDevelopment NoTax’ campaign to protest by not paying property tax. They aim to draw attention to their concerns and demand better services.

  • Earlier, the group pooled funds to repair potholes in a 6 km area traversing Halanayakanahalli, Muneshwara Layout and Choodasandra.
  • After witnessing accidents on Hosa Road, Arif Mudgal, the founder, was motivated to take action. The 32-year-old techie borrowed ₹2.7 lakh to contribute.

Backstory: Five years ago, Arif Mudgal and fellow members founded ‘Citizens Group, East Bengaluru,’ aiming to improve civic conditions. Despite approaching local representatives for better amenities, their pleas were ignored. Next, the group launched a property tax boycott campaign.

  • However, some netizens suggested paying tax first and then demanding improvements.

🤝 Clean air conference tomorrow

India Clean Air Summit, starting August 23, will align clean air goals with climate policies.

Story so far: Starting Wednesday, experts and policy advisors will convene for a three-day symposium, India Clean Air Summit, to discuss the challenges hindering India’s air pollution reduction plan. The summit’s fifth edition will explore how the nation’s sustainable development goals align with the need for clean air quality.

  • Key figures like Niti Aayog’s VK Saraswat, WHO’s Dr Maria Neira, state pollution boards, and experts from top institutions will discuss challenges and goals at the event.
  • A session will highlight effective communication about air pollution. Another panel will discuss ‘What scientists communicate and what the public perceives?’, exploring scientists’ social responsibility.

Why though? The event, organised by the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy, aims to find ways to democratise air pollution data for better citizen science.

  • By spotlighting air pollution’s impact on SDGs, the summit seeks to identify obstacles hindering health, energy, climate action, and more.

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🗞️ In other news…

  • A report finds about 70% of millennials and Gen Z struggle to find affordable rentals.
  • QR code fraud makes up 40% of cases since 2017.
  • At the Old Airport Road, Indian aviation through the centuries is on display.
  • Chikkanagamangala Lake is beset with massive fish kill.
  • Government-run Victoria Hospital now has a clinic for acute and chronic pain.

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