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New plan for Ejipura flyover

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🧐 Did you know? Rahul Dravid, former Indian cricket team captain and the head coach of the current team, studied at St Joseph’s Boys High School in Bengaluru. He earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce from St Joseph’s College of Commerce, and completed his MBA at St Joseph’s College of Business Administration.

🚧 Another plan for Ejipura flyover

We are all aware of the infamous delay in the construction of the Ejipura flyover in Bengaluru. Construction of the flyover was meant to be completed in November 2019 but is still ongoing. To end the delay, the BBMP has invited a tender of 144 crores to complete the  project.

Story so far:  Plans for a new tender had been discussed after the engineers took a joint assessment of the work done so far. After looking at the work that has been done, they have hoped that the flyover will be ready by March 2023.

  • After cancelling the tender given to Simplex in 2022, as per the norms of the Karnataka transparency in public procurement act, the Urban Development Department directed the BBMP to provide a fresh tender of 204 crores to finish the remainder of the work.
  • This work has been severely delayed even after the BBMP has issued several warnings and served two notices to the contractor for failing to adhere to the deadline. This led to various protests that were staged with the support of the local MLA.

Threat to commuters: The incomplete flyover poses a big threat to residents and motorists who use the flyover to commute. The spillover from the construction, including metal barricades and debris, poses an issue to pedestrians as well as vehicles.

🌼 A win for Hoovu Fresh

Bengaluru-based start-up Hoovu Fresh which deals with arranging bouquets and puja-based flowers recently appeared on an episode on Shark Tank India. The show was a big success for the founders, who are sisters, as two judges agreed to split one crore equally in the startup for a 2% stake in the company.

Story so far:  The aim of the brand is to be one that is synonymous with pooja and tradition. They want to be the brand that makes the entire pooja process seamless for their customers. After securing this big win, they feel that they are one step closer to the goal.

  • Though the start-up began in 2018, the founders have a long history with flower farming, dating back to 1994. Both sisters have been involved in agriculture and rose farm cultivation because of their parents from a young age.
  • Their existing knowledge in the flower industry was taken a step further by building the first machine for flower packaging. The machine functions on a zero-touch packaging system in order to deliver sanitised and quality products to customers.

Future plans: While the company is presently active in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai, they plan to expand in cities like Pune and Chennai. They also want to dig deeper and provide the entire pooja experience, not just Agarbattis, Kumkum and flowers.

☕ Old Indian Coffee House to get a modern touch

Indian Coffee House is a coffee shop that is on the premises of the Coffee Board of India in Bengaluru. The Coffee shop is now entering the golden jubilee year of its establishment, leading to the decision to make some changes and bring in a modern touch.

Story so far: The Indian Coffee house on Ambedkar Road is an old favourite that has been serving coffee since 1972. It has been the go-to spot for customers from Vidhana Soudha, High Court and other government officials.

  • Up until now, their menu consisted of coffee, idlis, dosa, and sandwiches, but they will now incorporate fast-food and other modern options to attract the younger generations.
  • The Coffee house also plans to revamp the ambience, keeping the original charm but bringing in modern elements like a verandah and improving lighting, walls and the ceiling.

Recent changes: These changes are planned in the hope of accommodating the modern tastes for food and ambience that the younger generation holds, bringing in a mixed crowd for the coffee house. It is a ₹22 lakh project for which it has tied up with Mitti Cafe, as it is a popular spot for the youth.

♻️ New biogas plant outside of Bengaluru

The Karnataka government has given GAIL (a petroleum business company) permission to build a compressed biogas plant outside of Bengaluru on BBMP land.

Story so far: This decision has been made to increase the percentage of the 4,500 tonnes of waste the municipal body generates on a daily basis.

  • The project mainly aims to fulfil the need to increase the percentage of scientifically processed waste instead of filling it up in landfills. The plant also aims to dispose of wet waste in a sustainable manner that can produce benefits.
  • The production of biogas is also another key objective of this project, and to utilise the biogas in more productive ways.

Conditions: The BBMP has set the condition that GAIL will be responsible for obtaining any and all environmental clearances for the plant, and the leased BBMP land must be returned in 25 years. And in exchange for the biogas plant, BBMP is willing to forgo the tipping and processing fee.

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🗞️ In other news…

  • This Republic Day, Lal Bagh is all set to host a flower show that depicts the city’s  evolution.
  • The safety inspection of the much-awaited KR Puram to Whitefield metro line is set to happen between February 16 and 20.
  • Various art lovers from different regions of Karnataka flocked to the annual Chitra Santhe art fair on Sunday.
  • The recent decision by the NMC to only allow those students who have completed their internship till March 31st will exclude almost 75% of students meant to appear for the NEET.

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