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Kohli’s restaurant in the news

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🧐 Did you know? Established in 1959, the Bangalore Amateur Radio Club is the oldest in the country.

🍺 FIR against Kohli’s One8 Commune

The manager of One8 Commune, a restaurant and pub co-owned by Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, has been booked by Bengaluru police for allegedly operating beyond the permitted hours.

What’s it about? Cubbon Park police observed that the pub, located on the top floor of the Ratnam Complex, was still operational after 1 am. The sub-inspector on patrol visited the establishment and found it serving customers at 1:20 am on July 6, which is beyond the allowed closing time of 1 am.

  • Similar action has been taken against three other pubs in Bengaluru for violating the permitted operating hours.
  • One8 Commune, co-owned by Virat Kohli, was launched in Bengaluru in December last year following successful ventures in Delhi and Mumbai.

Trending for the wrong reasons: Following the FIR, Virat Kohli’s Google Search trends spiked as netizens searched for more details about the incident involving his co-owned restaurant.

🚌 BMTC driver saves lives

An alert driver from the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) saved 30 passengers after a BMTC bus caught fire on a busy road.

What’s it about? The incident occurred on MG Road when the driver started the bus, which belongs to the Koramangala depot. Acting swiftly, the driver evacuated all 30 passengers from the bus, ensuring no one was injured.

  • The driver’s quick thinking and prompt action were crucial in preventing any casualties.
  • Videos captured by passersby showed the bus engulfed in flames, with thick plumes of smoke rising as firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze.

Investigation underway: Senior BMTC officials arrived at the scene to investigate the cause of the fire. While initial reports suggest engine overheating as the primary cause, a thorough examination is being conducted.

🏏 Dravid receives guard of honour

Rahul Dravid, the outgoing head coach of the Indian men’s cricket team, received a hero’s welcome and a guard of honour from young cricketers at a local cricket academy in Bengaluru.

What’s it about? The former Indian cricket legend looked jubilant as he shook hands with the budding cricket talents, celebrating the hard-earned victory. Upon his arrival at the academy, Dravid was met with raised bats from the students and applause from the coaching staff, acknowledging his significant contribution to Indian cricket.

  • The World Cup victory marked a fitting culmination of Dravid’s tenure as the head coach of the Indian team.
  • Despite the heartbreak of the 2007 World Cup as a captain and the 2023 World Cup as a coach, Dravid finally achieved his dream with the T20 World Cup victory in 2024.

Future plans: Dravid expressed happiness at being back on the ground and nurturing future cricketing talents. He emphasised his commitment to shaping the next generation of Indian cricketers, a role he eagerly embraces following his coaching tenure with the national team.

🏙️ Ramanagara renaming proposal

(Image credit: DK Shivakumar’s X post)

The debate over renaming Ramanagara district has been reignited by Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar who has submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah proposing to rename Ramanagara district as ‘Bengaluru South’.

What’s it about? The delegation, including District In-charge Minister Ramalinga Reddy, former Bangalore Rural MP DK Suresh, and several Congress legislators and former legislators from the district, has also proposed that Ramanagara town, located about 50 kilometres from Bengaluru, remain the headquarters of the renamed district.

  • Ramanagara district, a stronghold of HD Kumaraswamy, was created in 2007 during the JD(S)-BJP coalition government led by Kumaraswamy.
  • Kumaraswamy has represented both the Ramanagara and Channapatna assembly segments and has served as an MP for the region.

Rationale: Shivakumar emphasised that the area is administratively and geographically connected to Bengaluru city and its surrounding areas. He highlighted that the proposal will be placed before the Cabinet for discussion and decision, noting the historical changes and reconstitutions that led to the current configuration.

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