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Coffee talks

Good morning, Bengaluru!

☁️ Today’s weather: A clouds and breeze mixer.

🧐 Did you know? Once upon a time at Koshy’s, the first air-conditioned restaurant in South India, the jukebox used to play songs for four annas.

☕ Coffee conference in September

Formed under the United Nations, the World Coffee Conference (WCC) will be held in Bengaluru.

Story so far: WCC is coming to Asia for the first time, and Bengaluru is set to welcome it with aplomb. India’s coffee capital will host the fifth edition of WCC 2023 from September 25 to 28. Previous editions of WCC took place in London (2001), Brazil (2005), Guatemala (2010), and Ethiopia (2016).

  • It will be jointly organised by the Coffee Board of India, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the International Coffee Organisation (ICO). ICO has appointed Tennis player Rohan Bopanna as WCC 2023’s brand ambassador.
  • Directors at Tata Coffee and Nestle India observe that the event will enhance India’s presence and recognition in the global coffee markets.

Opportunities: S Selvakumar, Principal Secretary of Karnataka’s Commerce and Industries Department, highlights Karnataka’s leading role as the coffee capital of India, contributing over 70% of the country’s total coffee production.

  • He expressed optimism about investment opportunities in the coffee value chain, from bean to cup, including coffee equipment, machines, soluble coffee brands, and cafes.

🌱 Sowing agricultural curiosity

(Image credits: UAS Bangalore’s website)

A one-of-a-kind agricultural museum will open its doors on Thursday.

Story so far: A first-of-its-kind Agricultural Science Museum aims to reconnect students and the public with the evolution of agriculture, often overlooked in urban lives. The University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) has completed the museum, spread across 963 sq metres on their campus, and it will open to visitors from Thursday.

  • It comprises six display rooms with themes like the history of agriculture, soil science, crop cycles, diseases, and subsidiary occupations like poultry farming and sericulture.
  • Visitors can get comprehensive information on agriculture and will be assisted by staff members if needed. There will be a millet gallery and information on agricultural marketing.

One-stop shop: Children lack sufficient exposure to agricultural activities. Dr SV Suresh, Vice Chancellor of UAS, emphasised the museum’s role as a knowledge hub for students and farmers, providing essential information that may otherwise be hard to access.

🐯 Hotels for tiger conservation

Hotel Royal Orchid marked International Tigers Day with a 45-day campaign to support Project Tiger.

Story so far: On International Tigers Day, Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore launched a 45-day campaign to support Tiger Conservation. The event began with remarks from Assistant Vice President of Operations, Hari Sukumar, highlighting the significance of raising awareness about protecting these iconic animals.

  • A comprehensive presentation showcased the rich history of Tiger Trail and past successful collaborations with conservation organisations.
  • For the event, the restaurant’s menu thoughtfully incorporated dishes from tiger conservation sites in India. They presented Bengaluru’s longest-ever kebab platter.

Project Tiger: Project Tiger, initiated in 1973, aimed to protect these majestic creatures and their habitat. India and 12 other countries signed an agreement in 2010 to double tiger populations by 2022, and significant progress has been made. Hotel Royal Orchid’s contribution aims to support this endeavour.

🥛 Milk prices hiked

The Karnataka government has approved a hike in milk prices.

What’s it about? Starting yesterday, milk prices in Karnataka have risen by ₹3 per litre, leading to increased expenses for the public, including higher food prices at hotels. The state cabinet approved the decision on July 27, following a previous hike of ₹3 per litre on July 21.

  • The revised rates will affect the price of curd, which will increase to ₹50 per kg from ₹47, and buttermilk will rise from ₹8 to ₹9 for 200 ml.
  • In response to soaring commodity prices, some hoteliers plan to revise food prices, with an average increase of about 10% across all food items.

All-round rise: PC Rao, President of the Bruhat Bengaluru Hoteliers Association, stated that several hotels have already raised their food prices. Rao believes it is a reasonable hike, corresponding to the escalating cost of essential commodities.

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